Tuesday, October 8, 2013

SIFAF2013 Classes!

Registration will be done only by walk in at the festival from opening time each day until 20 minutes before class begins. 
Registration will be at the fXg Welcome booth on the patio nearest the main entrance from parking. You can register Friday for Saturday classes. 
Classes include some materials however some tools are for class use only but are for sale by instructor. 
We reserve the right to limit class size if no limit is listed here. 

4-6 Carding for Batts & Roving - Stephanie Stratton, Lunabud Knits & A Tangled Yarn - How to get the MOST from your drum carder! Also a great class if you are considering buying a drum carder.- $50 

10-noon Weaving Introduction - Jay Couch, Couch's Little Workshop - See different looms at different stages of warping then try some weaving on a pre-warped loom, take what you make! - maximum 6 students - $10 

10-noon Knit Lab - Ann Merriman, Grinny Possum Fiber Arts - Take your knitting up a step and learn how to fix some mistakes, tink, un-drop that stitch and a few more tricks! - $15 

1-3 Crochet from the ground up - Ken McCamish, the sock guy - Start with a chain and go forward. Fearless crochet awaits you! - $10 

1-3 Spinning Primer - Victoria Smith, follow the star studio - Drop spindles have been around for ages, isn't it time for you to take a whirl? Get the basics here! - maximum 10 students - $10 

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